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Posted by Berindon 4 years ago

Hi All,

I am playing since the beta, from Dubai. My Ping has originally started with around 200, it went to an average of 220 roughly about 1 year ago, it went then to 280 after the f2p. I always believed it was the DDOS protection from the many silver sellers.

Yesterday I was playing fine, since this morning it went over 300/310 constantly.

At this stage I have the rubber band effect, I can’t play anymore.

From my side, I have always been with the same provider, I had an upgrade on the speed of the account and I have a static IP.

I have restarted the router, asked the ISP to restart the whole hardware from their side.

It didn’t work out.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

RenegadeAndy wrote:

Hi @Berindon

I have not been a player for long, but have also noticed what I consider to be unexpectably high pings. My ping never ever drops below 220, and I live in Scotland, UK.

My connection is 200mbps virgin media, which across any other game brings a ping of around 20. Agreeably, there is not necessarily a need for ninja like latency in this game, but 220 is close to a quarter of a second round trip time, which definitely has an impact in grouped areas and busy fights.

An Official response on this would be great.
That does indeed sound unusually high for Scotland.

Can you try a VPN such as Exitlag and let us know if it helps?

If it does help, it looks like there could be routing issues. In that case, please send me a PN with your IP address ( and the name of your Internet provider. We will then contact our datacenter to see if they can sort it out the connection between them and your ISP.

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