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Posted by Luke1 4 years ago

With the upcoming expansion Caerleon will lose access to the Black Zone, thus becoming depopulated. People will divide among the royal cities, which will acquire one fifth of the population of Caerleon. The marketplace of Caerleon will become deserted. Population in the royal cities will increase, but only by one fifth of the population of Caerleon and markets with no or few participants are dead markets. There will be no more a lively market, we will have five dead markets.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Player112 wrote:

xcruciful wrote:

Maps around Caerleon will be full of gankers.
There will not. Nobody will go there, like the black zones now.
The black market will remain exclusively in Caerleon, and it is responsible for around 30% of the entire in-game silver generation - it's massive.

In addition to that, the zones around Caerleon will get a buff - right now, they are deliberately weak as making them too powerful would have de-valued the other Royal Cities too much. Once Caerleon no longer has a direct Outland access, we can buff these zones significantly.

Finally, after Queen, we will rework for faction warfare system significantly, and it is very likely the Caerleon will play a very important part in it.

The overall goal is to make red zone play much more attractive than it is right now - with a clear focus on solo player and small groups.

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