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Posted by PrintsKaspian 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

In order to keep ownership of city plots competitive, we are making some basic but very important changes to the land auction system.

We are informing you about these changes now so that you can be aware of them before they are implemented. However, these changes will not be in effect until the bidding cycle that starts on Sunday, September 15.

Here is what will change:
  • Under the new system, the full amount of the winning bid will be collected from the winner. Bids by the current plot owner will still count double.
  • This means, for example, that if the plot owner bids 10 million Silver and the next-highest bid is 16 million Silver, the plot owner wins the bid, since their bid counts as 20 million. With proxy bidding no longer in place, the full 10 million will be collected (as opposed to 8 million plus one Silver under the current system).
  • Likewise, in an extremely lopsided situation where the current owner bids 100 million Silver (for an effective value of 200 million) and the next-highest bid is 16 million, the full 100 million Silver will be collected from the owner.
  • The Land Auction UI will be updated to reflect these changes, with prominent warnings that the full amount of the winning bid will be due.
As a reminder, since Oberon Patch 4 in April 2019, land auctions use a "blind auction" system:
  • During the bidding phase of the land auction, the highest bid is hidden from the public, and bidders can only see their own bids.
  • 24 hours before the end of the auction cycle, bidding ends, and the winning bid and player are visible to all players in the Real Estate UI. At this point, any blocked funds are released and all ingame confirmation messages are sent. (This phase replaced the previous "Owners Only" bidding phase.)
  • The winning bid of the previous auction remains visible at all times.
  • Players no longer receive in-game messages related to changes in the highest bidder during the auction phase.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

AdgarTheMighty wrote:

So if I bid like 30mln and I lose the auction, will I get my money back or not? Cuz irl auction gives money back if u lose
Yes, if your bid does not win, you will get your money back.

The difference with this change is that previously, if you had the winning bid, you actually did not have to pay your full bid as a price, instead, you only paid what the second highest bidder had plus 1 silver. This made it much easier for plot owners to defend their plots by overbidding. Overbidding now is no longer possible, which will make it much much harder to maintain a monopoly/oligopoly on a city.

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