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Posted by MEATCUP 4 years ago

"If the healer constantly heals themselves they receive healing sickness"

Healer Dive Meta

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)

Just to put the changes a bit more in perspective. What are we trying to do with

We are still prototyping the exact mechanics of the Self Healing Sickness. The goal is to achieve the following:
  • Reduce the sustain of Solo Healers
  • But no reduction of Healing output in group fights
In the first iteration the Self Healing Sickness applies after constantly reapplying Q-spells on yourself (with different values for Nature and Holy)
Currently the Nature Staff needs to apply 15 Qs on him and Holy 25 Qs on him, before the Sickness kicks in.

So it is not, that the healer can't heal himself up, if jumped. The intention is that it only kicks in when he is solo and tries to outsustain for too long.

Since this will nerf solo Nature Staffs sustain, we are currently looking into how we best rework Poison Thorns entirely. So soloing with Nature Staff will have less sustain, but more damage output.

This is the intention for the change, we will ofc make alterations depending on playtests.


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