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Posted by Hollywoodi 4 years ago

I cannot imagine this to work.

Small Guild A wants a hideout in Mega Alliance one area

Small Guild needs hideout because they not want join Mega Alliance A,
Else they would have no need for hideout but can just join Mega Alliance A and use one territories..

Why on Earth you think mega alliance A will take tribute and allow a red hideout inside their areas??

What will happen.. Mega alliance A will say "join us, bend knee or get lost"

So ..there is no Szenario where hideout makes sense.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

The issue of preventing hideouts getting wiped easily through powerful player groups is something that has little do with whether a fight is 5v5 or uses a different format as a well trained 5v5 team will win against a smaller more casual guild's team close to 100% of the time, with very little effort required as all it takes is 5 people.

In order to make sure that small guilds can exist in the Outlands - the main goal of the hideout system - we must make sure that the overall cost/benefit balance and incentives work in favor of the smaller guilds.

Here is what the current concept looks like (still subject to change as always)
  • You can place a hideout in a zone, even if you do not control the territory tower there
  • The overall effort required to remove a hideout once placed is relatively large in terms of time and commitment you'd need to invest. Also, launching an attack on a hideout will not be free. Hideouts will have multiple shields similar to current home territories and most likely you won't be able to destroy them with just a team of 5.
In addition to that
  • Your hideout can only be attacked by the owner of the territory tower. Hence, if you are on good terms with the territory owner, he'll essentially act as a defense for you
  • At the same time, we'll implement a feature where the hideout owner can make a voluntary rent payment to the territory owner
  • As we'll allow for a relatively large number of hideouts per territory, there is a strong incentive on the territory owner to simply leave hideouts alone. If taking them out is a lot of effort and letting them be even provides some benefits (for example, the guild living in that hideout can help to keep your zone safe, etc) and there is possibly some rent on top (or not, it's up to the hideout owner) we think that a very good eco system of player driven Outlands can develop - and we can always tweak various balance parameters to make sure that it does.

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