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Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hi all,

Overall situation

we have been getting a lot of reports from players, mostly but not exclusively located in South America, getting regular disconnects when playing the game. With the help of the community, we have identified that the cause for these disconnects are routing issues between different ISPs. We are actively in contact with the affected ISPs and our own service providers in order to fix these issues. In addition to that, we are still actively working on our datacenter change. With such a datacenter change, routing will automatically be different which might resolve the situation or significantly improve it.

Intermin Solution

As a interim solution - unti lthe routing issues are fully fixed - we have been talking to the VPN company ExitLag as many of you reported that using them fixed the routing issues and disconnects.

ExitLag has agreed to provide their service for free to Albion Online players until August 15th. To use it, you need to download the software from their website (version 2.7.505 or higher) and it should work for Albion even beyond the usual 3 day free trial.

Once installed, log in to ExitLag, go to Home menu, search for Albion, select one of the Ashburn game regions apply routes selected by ExitLag then connect to the game.

Please report back if this works for you.

All the best,

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hey all,

for those of you who have problems with the routing issues / 5 min disconnects (when not using a VPN), could you please see whether you have those issues on our test/staging server as well?

It would be great if you could try it out (it won't take long) and answer the following questions:

1) Do you still have routing / disconnect issue on the main server (when not using a VPN)?
2) Do you have routing / disconnect issues on the staging server (when not using a VPN)?

Where do I find the Staging Server?
Test server (Staging) can be selected under the server drop-down menu in the launcher.

What is the Staging Server?
Test Server is primarily to test new content. That also means that the available version can be unstable.

HELP! I'm not receiving a device verification code on the Staging Server

Please note that you cannot verify your device by connecting to the Test server. The database from the live server is copied every few weeks to the test server, so the only way for your device to be verified on the Test server is if you are verified on the Live server at the time the database transfer was made. I'm afraid all you can do is wait a few weeks until the next database transfer is performed.

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