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Posted by Svenblade 4 years ago

I ran BZ Random Dungeons last night, and I was getting 275% or 300% or whatever it is Fame/Item/Silver modifier.
This morning, I ran a few more, and I was getting 175%. Massive reduction in fame/item/silver loot. Checked patch notes and didn't find anything. Nothing different about my build, premium status, etc. I was in the same zone as last night, and then I moved to a different zone to make sure it wasn't a zone bug. Same problem. Then I moved from T6 to T5 to make sure it wasn't a tier problem. Same problem.

I was able to produce this bug by running Random Dungeons in Charhide Steppe, Creag Rudd, and Caldair Fissure.

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 4 years ago (Source)

Fame and loot modifier are indeed different from each other.

Also the loot and silver factor in black zone is 2.75 which in game would show as +175% loot.

No changes has been made.

Have you been using a map? Those change the factors for loot and fame in a dungeon.

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