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Posted by PrintsKaspian 4 years ago

A new Adventurer's Challenge and Referral Season start today, with our first-ever mount skin rewards! Get all the details here:

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)

Hey, thanks everyone for your feedback. I see a lof here are disapointed with a mount skin as a reward.

Here is an explanation why we went for a mount skin:

We were never really 100% happy with the Adventurer Challenge Mounts for the following reasons:
  • Basically the strongest regular mounts in the game came exclusively from the Adventurer Challange, which is not ideal for the game economy if these mounts are system generated, instead of player crafted
  • This effect is not huge, because the mounts are very rare, but each month we have been adding more and the pool of available ADC mounts in the game increases more and more
  • The vast majority of players where using these mounts for flexing only and didn't take them out in dangerous zones, because they are afraid of losing them

That is why we wanted to try and streamline the system with the mount skins now:
  • A skin can be taken out in the open world be everyone
  • We also wanted to try to streamline the system more, by focusing more on skins instead of unique mounts

We understand that the spell and stats made them more unique and fun to use. Also that our core players use them in the open world and hence sometimes some of these mounts get also trashed on death. Additionaly this scarcity also increased their trading value.

We have taken note of your feedback and we will re-evaluate how we proceed next month.


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