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Percival Patch 2

Guild Season 7 Changes
  • Guild Challenge: guild members can now earn challenge points by doing open-world activities, as with Adventurer's Challenges. At certain thresholds, these challenge points will provide Guild Season Points to the member's guild.
  • Number of tower levels in Crystal Realm Battle system: 3 -> 7
  • GvG attack times have been consolidated to make it harder for one team member to fight multiple GvGs in a day
  • GvG notification messages now more clearly state the conditions leading to Counter-Attacks, decisive victories, and whether or not Silver is returned
  • Changes to Siphoning Mages:
    • Channel duration of Ice Block has been increased to 20 seconds
    • When a channel is started, three Summoned Guardians will appear
    • These Guardians will be normal mobs if less than 8 players are attacking the mage, and veteran mobs if it's 8 or more players attacking
    • The Guardians will drop an area that will replenish players' energy
    • Additionally, a tornado will be summoned that will throw unwary players into the air and deal a little damage
  • The mercenary system has been discontinued for regular GvGs. Mercenaries can still be used in Crystal Realm Battles.
  • Castle Outposts (smaller versions of castles) now appear in the open world. These can be claimed by guilds for season points. They appear four times as often as regular castles, but only give one-fourth of the points.
  • The time window in which a castle can be captured has been greatly reduced
  • Item Power Softcap for 20v20 City Fights:
    • Thetford, Bridgewatch, Martlock: 50% softcap above 1000 IP
    • Fort Sterling, Lymhurst: 50% softcap above 1200 IP
    • Caerleon: no IP cap
  • Maximum City Tax level (set by the guild in possession of the city) has been reduced from 25% to 10%.
  • Updated the Guild Season Rank brackets:
    • Crystal Rank Threshold: 180,000 Season Points
    • Gold Rank Threshold: 60,000 Season Points
    • Silver Rank Threshold: 15,000 Season Points
    • Bronze Rank Threshold: 3,500 Season Points
    • Iron Rank Threshold: 1,000 Season Points
For more information about these changes, as well as some of the reasoning behind them, please see this forum post:

Conquerors' Hall and City Decorations Updated

Blue Army's Season 6 winner statue now appears at the front gates of Conquerors' Hall near the Caerleon Realmgate. Anniversary decorations have been removed from cities.

Changes and Improvements

Access Rights
  • Alliance members can now be given similar access rights to chests, islands, etc. as guild members could previously
  • Access rights can now be copy-pasted from one object to another
  • "Withdrawal from Account" rights have been split as follows:
    • Withdrawal from Silver Account
    • Withdrawal from Energy Account
  • "Attack Territory" rights have been split as follows:
    • Attack Territory
    • Pacify Warcamp (new)
  • "Manage Banks" rights have been split as follows:
    • Manage Banks
    • View Chest Logs (new)
  • Co-Owners of Banks tabs can now view the tab's logs
Item Sort Improvements

Pressing the "Sort" button in any inventory display (chests, banks, personal inventory, etc.) will now sort items as follows:
  • Item Type (see "Item Type" sorting below)
  • Item Name (e.g. Hunter Jacket)
  • Tier
  • Item Power
  • Stack Size
  • Durability
Item Types are sorted in the following order:
  • Equipment items, further sorted by slot (Two-Handed Weapon, One-Handed Main Weapon, Offhand, Head, Chest, Feet, Capes, Bags)
  • Mounts
  • Consumables
  • Consumable from inventory (e.g. Tomes of Insight)
  • Farmables
  • Simple items (e.g. resources, cooking ingredients)
  • Furniture items
  • Journal items
Loot Table Updates
  • Castle chests can now drop Level 1 Artifacts
  • Treasure sites (chests/lockers) can now drop Level 2 and 3 Artifacts
Other Changes
  • Confirmation message added when attempting to use Tomes of Insight while not wearing any relevant gear
  • Earthdaughter's "Thunderslam" spell cast time has been increased from 1.84 to 2.5 seconds, and now more accurately strikes the indicated position
  • Earthdaughter now spawns Summoned Pebbles of the correct tier
  • Fixed an issue where customized party member order would reset on cluster change
  • Fixed an issue where party markers could sometimes not be placed on mobs
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect guild logo would sometimes display after zoning
  • Fixed an issue where Rejuvenating Breeze and Raging Blades could be used prior to being unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Frenzy would remove a shrine buff
  • Time Freeze can no longer circumvent an immunity bubble
  • Fixed an issue where terrain would sometimes display incorrect textures (water, etc.) when logging in after a disconnection
  • Fixed an issue where "ghost characters" floating in the middle of clusters would sometimes appear
  • Fixed an issue where Personal and Guild Bank Tabs would slip further down each time "Save" was clicked or a new tab was purchased
  • Additional graphical, UI, audio, animation, terrain, and localization fixes

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Castle and Castle Outposts will score at the same time.

These are the time slots for Castle and Castle Outpost scoring:

Cluster TimeCastle Scoring
1:00 UTC1:00 UTC
4:00 UTC1:00 UTC
16:00 UTC19:00 UTC
20:00 UTC19:00 UTC


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