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Posted by fip 4 years ago

Before oberon came out i made this thread expressing my concerns:

so it wasnt so bad with the group dungeons, im sure we all got very proficient at using bags while A'ing out or running back down the corridor to a boss room.

But now we have solo dungeons. the most efficient way to run solos is to take a lawnmower build and race through at mach speed killing as much as you can as fast as possible. this means there is no time to use bags. if you haven't tried it already, do so and see. (I use greataxe, hellion jacket, stalker hood, lymhurst cape, scholar sandals and cabbge soup and poisons). you move too fast and stopping to use bags breaks up the speed clearing by a significant amount. So they just pile up into the hundreds after you've done 2 or 3 dungeons. can we get a use all button now?

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 4 years ago (Source)

Talked to our UI team about this and they agree that it would be very nice to have.

Thus it had been added to their "to-do" list.

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