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Posted by L334M0N 4 years ago

The resource Guardians have historically respawned 48 hours from their death.

However, for a few months now. These Guardians have not been respawning properly! This is known, because myself and some colleagues have tested this multiple times.

I have spent quite some time scouring the official updates; for any form of statement on the matter.
From the most recent July 17th post, all the way back to Nimue patches in November of last year.

With no statements about the timer changing. I am lead to believe they're currently bugged. Naturally, I searched for a probable cause of this potential bug.
Here's what I came up with. On March 20th 2019, under "Resource Changes". The respawn time of T6 resources was increased from 5,357 -> 10,000. Article:
I believe that this either resulted in a bug extending the Guardian respawns as well, or also had a hidden, unstated change to them.

As someone who found great enjoyment in forming teams to kill these bosses. I am saddened that they've become bugged (or changed without a proper statement from the developers).
I would like to know if these changes to the Guardians were intentional or not.

If this was intentional: Could we please have a proper statement explaining the new timers.
If this was not intentional: Could we please get a fix to this issue soon TM? :)

Thank you for your time ~L334M0N.

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 4 years ago (Source)

First: The current state is intentional.

Mobs have two values: min respawn and max respawn.

If a mob is defeated it rolls a value between those two to determine the time when a new mob should be spawned.
Those values haven't been changed for Guardians since a long time ago.

But what changed then?

Well, there was an issue with random respawn times that are larger than 24h.
Those weren't saved and a respawn was scheduled for the average of those values.
For Guardians this is 48h.

This was fixed a few months ago and now the respawn is randomized and can take up to 84h after the kill.
This makes scouting for spawns necessary and opens up chances for other teams to kill those Guardians.

Best regards,

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