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Posted by Samashaus 4 years ago

Or am I imagining this? 6 weeks ago I got ganked near daily.
Each zone was humming with activity even when they doubled the amount of zones, it still felt dangerous.

I was running 6.1 dungeons and we got wrecked by a dive group. I'd go gathering and would have to really run for my life and loot.

Now? It feels barren. Global chat was spookily quiet all day and night. I went and completed 6 solo dungeons with no one around. I gathered and gathered to the point I thought forget playing safe I'm bringing out my carry cow (my Ox) and just went at it. Not a red name player to be seen...

Guilds that once owned huge swathes of territories are rapidly losing them to 3 super guilds and we all know who they are. Theres no lone gatherers about, not where I have been. I went to a red zone to get some enchanted materials and not a ganker to be seen.

Its spooky. Even in the main cities I'm used to seeing about 200 on each floor of the city and about 500 during prime. After reset and during NA prime hours I saw a grand total of 98 on one floor and 70 on another. I checked Caerleon, numbers down. All cities... down.

Feeling a little like I'm staring down an Australian outback road with tumbleweed blowing about.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

we made a post about this subject at the peak of the F2P launch 3 months ago in our Reddit AMA. Here is the link.

And here is the post as a quote:

Posted on Reddit 3 months ago
We peaked at around 34k concurrent users today.
While it could be - you never know - mathematically speaking we don't expect this to last. The reason is quite simple: when a game launches, you have two effects working together:
  1. Everyone who waited for the launch comes in at the same time.
  2. People who just joined often have 8+ hour long play sessions - sometimes much more than that.
These effects ebb off, that's absolutely normal and expected. This "ebb off" effect can be very strong early on, and eventually it wears out completely.
Once that happens, the new players coming in every day - and there is tons of them right now - will become higher than the number of existing players quitting / playing less per day and hence drive up total player count again.
Some of you might remember are now somewhat infamous "saddle point" post that we created shortly after B2P release almost 2 years ago.
What we think is most likely with F2P is that after the initial rush, player numbers will drop somewhat, eventually stabilize (the saddle point) and then start increasing again. The interesting question is how high that drop is going to be before we start to see an increase. Current numbers are so strong that even if we saw a 90% (!!!) drop we'd still be doing fine - and by all means, we don't think that's going to happen.
We are close to certain that - no matter what - the "look, population is dropping / ded game" posts are going to start appearing over the coming weeks.
Feel free to bookmark this post to show that we called it first :)

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