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Posted by Draxido 4 years ago

Is it just me or the normal dungeons are way too strong ? i dont think this is supposed to be like this, yeah mobs have way less health, but the resistance buff on normal dungeons mobs is by far inordinate,

it makes RD totally unbalanced , you can probably finish 4-7 solo RD before you can finish a normal RD why bother in partner up with people and doing Normal RD ?

now im not here to rant, its just that im kind of disappointed how this game force you to get into a community and now its kind of leaning towards the solo play, which NONE MMO SHOULD BE THAT WAY BTW that is the recipe for disaster.

So there is 2 main problems regarding Dungeons with this update beside the new bugs and the ones that came back.

1.- people complaining about the mobs reaver balance (overpowered mobs)

2.- people complaining about getting ganked in solo dungeons

About the Reaver Balanced and the sudden radical change about mobs in normal dungeons i really hope they sandbox is already working in nerfing a little bit the mobs resistance, and this is why

yes they have less health, but still they nerfed their health by around 40% and increased their resistance by nearly 300% i literally have to cast a meteor around 8 time with full specs in order to take one of the hardest bosses with a party of 5 people everyone wearing 6.1 in a T6 RD, now you have to consider, that the meteor cooldown is about 25 secs with cooldown reduction food t7 and all that time spent just in one single boss, nothing special not a wipe, not a mechanic that we were doing wrong just the mob overhealeing our damage, now doesn't that sounds excessive ?

plus the pulls are now way too separate from each other that means less mobs less fame normal dungeons right now are just not worth it right now with the new solo dungeons, you get way more fame doing solo dungeons as fast as you can then doing normal dungeons, and it simply should not be like that in any scenario possible.

Hopefully they are working in either a nerf for the ridiculous amount of resistance that the normal dungeon mobs have currently, or boosting the fame on them.

the second problem is about people complaining about getting ganked in solo dungeons, i think there is a misunderstanding regarding this.

just because they are named " Solo Randomized Dungeons " doesn't mean that only you can enter, it means that they are design in a way that is viable for solo players to complete, get some fame, and some loot in case you are that kind of player that doesnt want to get involved into any community for whatever reason.

BUT... of course it is unfair that an entire raid of people can get in and gank solo players doing solo dungeons, now as i said before solo playing should be viable, but has their limits,

the only thing that goes into my mind in order to fix this is either set a cap for the amount of players that can get in, which i dont think is gonna happen since people can just bring scouts, to deny other players to get in, or getting a buff after killing the first boss of the dungeon that last untill you leave, so solo players have at least a chance to fight back if they are getting ganked, which i think is fair if they can make it to half of the DG or such they can get a buff that last untill they leave the DG nothing to shinny just a buff so they can fight back and make Solo Dungeons Ganking less attractive but viable at the same time,

i don't know just leaving my thoughts here let me know what you guys think

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

baibiscuit wrote:

Would be good to have a Sort of warning when 3 or More people are in? So to give a chance the solo guy doing the dungeon leave?
That's an interesting idea, but it can be abused. You can then easily scout solo dungeons with 2 players. If somebody is already inside, the warning will appear, hence you'll know that a third person is inside as well. Sure, that could trigger a teleport, hard to say how the impact would be. It would not be much different though from us adding a player counter to the solo RDs. Again, it's hard to say whether that would benefit the gankers or rather help the peaceful players.

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