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The next GvG Season brings a bunch of exciting changes and additional content.

This post is all about these new changes. If you want to know more about the Season dates in detail, you can check out this thread: Season 7 Schedule

New Content

Castle Outposts
For the next Season we want to increase the number of Open world objectives for guilds, so we are adding new Castle Outposts to the Outlands.
  • Castle Outposts are essentially small versions of castles
  • They are independent entities and can be conquered independently of castle ownership
  • Each Castle Outpost gives Season Points and has a chest in the center
  • The rewarded Season Points and the rewards from the chest are 1/4 of the rewards of a castle
  • The whole process of taking over a Castle Outpost should be possible in under 10 minutes
  • To conquer a Castle Outpost, a guild needs to take down the castle gates with a demolition hammer and clear all mobs inside
  • We will add 4 Castle Outposts for each Castle. This means in total there will be 56 new Castle Outposts spread over the Outlands
  • Castles and Castle Outposts will score at the same time. This should encourage more guilds to take part in the activity. If big groups want to take multiple entities they will need to split forces.
WIP Castle Outpost:

Daily Season Points generated:
RegionTerritoryCastleCastle Outpost
Outlands High216648162
Outlands Mid168504126
Outlands Low12036090

Guild Challenge:
To further increase the number of guilds taking part in the season, and to put more emphasis on individual member contribution, we are adding a variation of the Adventurer's Challenge on a guild level. This will allow every guild to earn some Season Points with all kinds of activities.
  • All guild members contribute to the Guild Challenge by earning Challenge Points (like the "keys" from the Adventurer's Challenge)
  • Each Challenge point generated by a guild member fills the guild's Challenge Progress bar
  • When the progress bar is filled, the Guild Challenge Level increases by one and the guild gets a fixed amount of season points
  • Each level gets progressively harder, but the reward for each level stays the same
  • The Daily Bonus of 50,000 Adventurer's Challenge Points DOES NOT contribute to Guild Challenge Progress - it ONLY counts for the Adventurer's Challenge
  • Level 1 - Required Challenge Points: 100,000 - Rewarded Season Points: 300
  • Level 2 - Required Challenge Points: 200,000 - Rewarded Season Points: 300
  • Level 3 - Required Challenge Points: 300,000 - Rewarded Season Points: 300
WIP Guild Challenge UI:


GvGs & Territory Control:
To make it more difficult for one team to fight at multiple fronts and encourage guilds to have more GvG players, we have made the following changes:
  • Mercenaries will be disabled for all territorial GvGs. (They will only stay allowed for Crystal Realm Battles.)
  • GvG Fight Times are consolidated. This means GvG fights are now more likely to happen simultaneously, making it more difficult for one team to fight at multiple fronts.
  • Siphoning Mages have also learned some new spells to make the fight more interesting and a little more challenging.
Old Time SlotNew Time Slot
0:00 UTC1:00 UTC
1:00 UTC1:00 UTC
2:00 UTC1:00 UTC
3:00 UTC4:00 UTC
4:00 UTC4:00 UTC
5:00 UTC4:00 UTC
12:00 UTC16:00 UTC
14:00 UTC16:00 UTC
16:00 UTC16:00 UTC
17:00 UTC20:00 UTC
18:00 UTC20:00 UTC
19:00 UTC20:00 UTC
20:00 UTC20:00 UTC
21:00 UTC20:00 UTC
22:00 UTC1:00 UTC
23:00 UTC1:00 UTC

  • Maximum income tax rate for cities: 25% -> 10%
  • Time Slots consolidated
  • Introduced various Soft Item Power Caps
  • The attacker needs to score at least 5 points to get the attack money back
CaerleonFort SterlingLymhurstThetfordBridgewatchMartlock
Time Zone (old)22 UTC3 UTC16 UTC0 UTC18 UTC22 UTC
Time Zone (new)19 UTC1 UTC19 UTC1 UTC19 UTC1 UTC
Item Power Soft Capuncapped1200 IP (50% soft cap)1200 IP (50% soft cap)1000 IP (50% soft cap)1000 IP (50% soft cap)1000 IP (50% soft cap)

  • We are reducing the time between each castle guard wave down to 3 minutes. So taking a castle can be done in a matter of minutes now, making it more difficult for one group to defend multiple castles at once.
  • We will also fix some quality-of-life issues, like allowing alliance members to use castle doors.

Crystal Realm:
  • We are increasing the number of tower levels to 7, to emphasize the performance of one team instead of the sheer amount of towers alone.
  • Crystal Realm Battles are now also available in the Off-Season, i.e. between Season 6 and Season 7
In Crystal Realm Fights, the Season Points are always split partially between both competing teams. Depending on the scores earned, teams get more season points. With the change to 7 tower levels, we also want to put a bigger emphasis on the reward for the winning team. With this change we want to make climbing tower levels more enticing: under the new system, even close wins in higher tower levels will yield more points than stomping level 1 teams.

Season 7
LevelWin BonusPoints scored BonusMatch Max Value

For comparison, here are the old season values:
Season 6
LevelWin BonusPoints scored BonusMatch Max Value

Reward Brackets
With the new activities and all these changes, we have also adjusted the reward brackets for Season 7 to the following:
  • Crystal Threshold: 180,000
  • Gold Threshold: 60,000
  • Silver Threshold: 15,000
  • Bronze Threshold: 3,500
  • Iron Threshold: 1,000
I look forward to your feedback and hope you are all excited for the next season.


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