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Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

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Hey there,

we get regular reports of people, in particular from South America, seeing issues with high pings and latency and resulting lag.

If you are affected, it would be great if you could do the following and send it to me via private message here in the forums.

1. In windows, type "cmd" in the search and type tracert followed by the enter key. Copy and paste the results into the private message

2. Tell us your IP address. You can find it here

3. Are you currently affected by ping / high latency issues?

4. If you are, when did the problems first start?

5. In what country to you live?

6. Who is your Internet Service Provider?

7. Have you tried using a VPN service to fix the problems and if so, did it work?

Thanks for your support!

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

as promised, here is an update:

Unfortunately, we have now confirmed the the issue is definitely not on our end. The reason for the lags / disconnects are indeed routing issues between Washington, DC (where the servers are hosted) and South America. Through our research and by talking to various third parties we have also been told that several other companies are affected by this. Some suspect a connection to the large power outages in South America that happened in mid June, though this is speculation.

The reason why some VPN services solve this issue is that they bypass / change the standard routing the internet traffic takes. Those VPNs that take a route that is not affected will fix the issues, those that take the same or similar route than the standard one will not.

We have very little control to how the internet traffic gets routed once it leaves our server. Hence, there is no quick fix this issue. We will however keep researching and keep trying to find a solution.

Here is our strategy going forward:

1. We are already in the process of changing out hosting company. These is a decent chance that the standard routing from South America to our new hosting company takes a different pathway, hence fixing the issues. We seek to make the move as soon as possible, within the next 2 weeks, though this is still a tentative date.

2. While this is not exactly a "strategy", there is a decent chance that the issues get fixed by the affected internet hubs themselves. We will try to do some more research here to get additional information about this.

3. We will keep researching if there is anything else we could do on our end to help with these issues.

4. While you will most likely be met with a standard response, it might still be helpful if you complain to your ISP, specifically mentioned the route to Most likely, you will receive a standard "everything is fine" response, but there is still a chance that it goes beyond that you either receive more information (if you do, please share) or they indeed will fix the issue on their end (an ISP has many more options to address this than we do).

5. In the meantime - and we know that this is not exactly a great solution - using a VPN could work. It would be great if those of you who already use a VPN - in particular, if it is free - let us know which one you are using. I have heard from one user that SoftEther has been working for him. Other are using ExitLag, though unforunately, this is not a free service.

We are sorry that we do not have a more helpful news this time. We'll report back in in the next 48 hours with another update.

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