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Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

we get regular reports of people, in particular from South America, seeing issues with high pings and latency and resulting lag.

If you are affected, it would be great if you could do the following and send it to me via private message here in the forums.

1. In windows, type "cmd" in the search and type tracert followed by the enter key. Copy and paste the results into the private message

2. Are you currently affected by ping / high latency issues?

3. If you are, when did the problems first start?

4. In what country to you live?

5. Who is your Internet Service Provider?

6. Have you tried using a VPN service to fix the problems and if so, did it work?

Thanks for your support!

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hi all,

thanks to everybody who submitted their data to us. We are looking into this and provide an update to you soon, once we know more.

In the mean time, one user mentioned to us that they got around the issue by using a free VPN service called SoftEther. Note that we do not know this service and do not officially endorse it, however, it might be worth a try as an interim solution until a proper solution is found.

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