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Posted by TheArimatheus 4 years ago

I had two characters on my account that had premium during the "affected dates". They both received their free seven days of premium and I claimed the additional three for the "correct" character in the hope that my "premium charge" date on my CC for each character would be separated by about two weeks.

So, does the free 7 days extend our billing cycle, or is it just basically an extra seven days that we'll eventually "burn" once we decide to stop paying for premium? When you first sign up for a premium subscription it informs you that billing will happen when you "have 3 days of premium remaining", but it also kinda gives a hard timeline for billing, so it's mildly confusing.

I don't really care much either way, but I'm trying to ensure that my billing dates are correct so I can balance my checkbook.

From the semi-legalese I've read about buying premium with real currency it seems like a pretty hard-bound contract wherein they WILL bill us EVERY month at a very specific time and if we don't cancel within 14 days of the billing date then we are basically contractually obligated to pay the $9.95. I'd just like some clarification.


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Posted by Talion 4 years ago (Source)


Recurring subscription billing will happen three days before your Premium time runs out. This way, the system factors in if you, for example, get yourself some premium days via Gold or like in this case.


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