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Posted by RakBR 4 years ago

I am interested in creating a tool that basically analyze the network communication between the client and the server and store that open data to store and provide that information to players.

I know there's already a position from SBI:…?postID=512670#post512670

But could anyone from SBI confirm if this position is still valid, mainly after latest terms of service changes?

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

RakBR wrote:

Blatta wrote:

"provide that information to players."

The sniffing part is not a problem at all. But i think it would help if you explain a bit what exactly you want to provide. Write to support if its a secret. But it would be possible to build things that give players to much advantages using the information i think. Iirc it was a bit discussed in one of the threads about Cathair´s
I can assure that it's not something that will give any advantages to players and my intention is to provide that tool to everyone.The kind of tool I am building fits exactly in what the @MadDave described here as permitted (…?postID=512670#post512670). The point is just that I want to confirm if that position from SBI is still the same.
All information I am aiming to provide to players is information that is already available/visible inside the game, is just in a different form of viewing/analyzing it.
Hey there,

the quoted link with the statement from MadDave is still our stance on this.

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