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Posted by Mytherceria 4 years ago

Hello People of Albion Online!

I’m Tania @Mytherceria and I’ve recently joined my new family at Sandbox Interactive as community manager for AO. I will be sharing this role with the amazing @Elsa so feel free to contact either of us on here or my Discord Mytherceria#3744 - we are always open to your feedback :) It’s awesome to see such a passionate community who want to make the game experience better as a whole for everyone!

Here’s how I washed up on the shores of Albion: Gaming has been a significant part of my life since the days of escaping boredom (and maybe a class or two :D) at law school. I was especially active in RPG guilds for SWTOR and WoW, and did my fair share of tabletop playing and DMing. I really enjoyed interacting with the communities and some players have become my good friends up til today. After working in community management for other companies in the past year, SBI offered me the opportunity to finally move into the games industry and realise my dream job in Berlin!

Without further ado, we have some exciting things in store for you, such as our Percival update and celebrating Albion’s 2nd Anniversary on 17 July! 8o

Last but not least, I would love to hear from you on how you joined AO and what is the most exciting feature, content, update that you’re looking forward to?

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( ... ) are currently in the backlog ( ... )
Please use sparingly. This phrase and its variations are known to cause PTSD in the community.
Most true thing I saw on this forum from a long time :D Saying that something is in "backlog" is like saying something will be added in like 1/2 years, soooo :/
Guilty as charged :)

The underlying problem is that Albion being such a vast game with lots of different activities means that not only are there always countless awesome things that could be added to the game but also that existing systems almost always would benefit from obvious improvements or could be made much better with a rework. We easily have enough material to work on for the next 3 years. When it comes to the backlog, our goal is always to pick new features to be added in such a way - based on community input and our own analysis - that they'll improve the as much as possible given the dev time that we have at hand. On top of that, we are always on the lookout for new staff and are actively hiring.

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