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Posted by Talion 4 years ago (Source)

Hello everyone,

As we have announced in our last post, we are moving our servers to a different data center. This is currently in progress and, the steps we have taken so far on that front, have shown great success.

We also mentioned that we would be talking about compensation once we are confident that the issues are resolved. Well, we are on a very good path here and aim to roll out all the following with a Patch on June 12. This is what we have in store for you:

Every account that has logged in during the affected timeframe from May 17, 00:00 UTC until May 30, 10:00 UTC will receive 3 days of claimable Premium. This can happen once per account and can be claimed on any character on that account. To receive these free days, you will have to log in before June 30, 10:00 UTC.

Every character that had Premium active sometime during the affected timeframe from May 17, 00:00 UTC until May 30, 10:00 UTC (the Premium days given in/after the Tutorial do not count), will receive an additional 7 days of Premium, added when logging in for the first time after the patch. Additionally, these characters will receive a commemorative claimable item: Rubberband Boots. Wear them to relive the joyous days of lagging again!

But wait, there’s more!
Starting with the Patch on June 12, there will also be a fame boost active for a week. Earn additional 25% fame for activities you do in the game (no, fame tomes will not benefit ;) ).

That’s it for now. We will return to moving the infrastructure to our new data center (well, our tech team is, I’ll just stand by and watch), and will be back with a reminder about the incoming compensation next week.


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