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Posted by Elsa 4 years ago

Hey everyone,

With yesterday's update, we have drastically expanded the size of the Outlands. With this, we have also increased the amount of Hellgates appearing in the open world. An additional change was made, where Hellgates would no longer despawn in case nobody entered it. Unfortunately, this caused an unintended side effect where - over time - Hellgates would mostly be available in zones which were rarely visited by players.

During today's maintenance, we have deployed a hotfix to address this issue (along with some performance improvements). The Hellgates will now despawn after 30 minutes just like before the yesterday's patch, which should make them appear more consistently throughout the world.

Jump into Albion, run some Hellgates and let us know how it feels after this update.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Cadabrass wrote:

30min no respawn HG
Hey there,

for clarification:
Hell Gates are not on a fixed spawn timer. Once the gatekeeper spawns, it will despawn after 30 minutes, which will then spawn a hell gate at random at another location.

Now, what caused the issue with Hell Gates (that we fixed today) as that we turned of the despawn for the gatekeepers. Since gatekeepers in far away zones get killed more rarely, this caused them pile up in far away zones, meaning that no new gatekeepers would spawn in populated zones any more. This is now fixed.

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