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Posted by Vocandin 4 years ago

So basically since patch HG mechanic changed. And of course nobody expected it would be this bad. Relevant patch information below:

PrintsKaspian wrote:

Changes and Improvements

  • Adjusted Hellgate spawn settings to compensate for the Outlands expansion:
    • Spawn waves now produce more Hellgates throughout the world (50 → 80)
    • Hellgate Guardian mobs no longer despawn after 29 minutes, and instead remain in place indefinitely

What I thought that would do is remove the annoying thing about Hellgate Guardians despawning, but it was minor compared to what we have now. And to quote, it's not only not a bug, but intended, and somehow listed under IMPROVEMENTS.

Anyone running hellgates semi seriously is forced to walk through many zones before finding an available gate, waiting for a hellgate to respawn is a waste of time. This added to the fact people don't bring expensive mounts to hellgates as they bring no benefit inside it means people are traveling at best on T3 horses.

It doesn't take much to see people think this is a bug with the amount of posts being made on

Confirmation it's not a bug:

Dagother wrote:

It's not a bug, just like I explained in the other thread, but it doesn't mean it won't get improved - devs are monitoring HG activity and read the feedback.

Hellgates were dead for ages and took many tries for SBI to finally acknowledge it and get it on a good spot where it's worth running them, and just like that we are back to square 1 where we get a taste of what it could be just as fast as it's removed from the game through "improvements".

If even after this post together with the wall of posts (5 just on first page of…d/5-Feedback-Suggestions/ as I'm writting this) this isn't changed on a hotfix, HG scene will die just as fast and you'll start making the new F2P lose faith on changes being made in the game.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

this was an error on our end and we'll fix this as soon as possible.

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