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Posted by Nah 4 years ago

I don't know how many times I've been in a situation where 2 alliances have zone capped two separate zones and they can't fight each other because they'll get out numbered normally like 200-300 to 30-80 if they try to zone their men through or it''s not even possible to get anyone in. So, if you capped it per alliance (lets say 150 per alliance) and both alliances knew that it would be pretty much an even fight I feel like this could really help balance Zerg vs Zerg and get people to enjoy the core game content they're being denied daily because at the end of the day if people aren't fighting or they get a 250 men to 50 men fight they'll eventually lose interest. This means less gear is being destroyed which leads to low prices of gear because it's not in demand and then crafting and gathering isn't as profitable and people will probably buy less gold if they aren't fighting because no gear needs to be replaced. Enable us to fight these massive wars! I can't really see a downfall to this other than maybe reset day player numbers. Please let me know what you guys think!

P.S. if you think capping a zone with your alliance is strategic you are correct but I mean come on dude it isn't helping the game in the long run and no one fames for hours and hours to go stand all day at a warcamp in their shiny white armor with all their buddies.

Edit: I have been in the top ZvZ guilds for nearly 2 years now and I think with the increase of players it is absolutely necessary to make this change.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Zbrkesbris wrote:

The problem with artificial limitations per group of people is that they are easily circumvented by creating several allied groups. A limit of 100? Just fill zone with 3 full groups. Communications happen outside the game anyway so its just minor inconvenience.
That's indeed the reason why we are quite sure that such a measure would not work in practice.

We will be introducing a revised cluster queue in the near future though. The feature is designed such that it will no longer be possible to clog up a zone. The basic idea is that if a zone gets close to its cap, players with the lowest average IP will get ejected from the zone after some time if players with a higher average IP want to join.

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