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Posted by Talion 4 years ago (Source)

Hello everyone,

It’s time for another update on the server and client performance.

As Korn mentioned […Notice-on-Possible-Queues] on Saturday, the fix we have deployed on Friday was a success. The server still seems to be playing nice and we were able to increase the maximum capacity a little more in an attempt to eliminate or reduce the length of the queue during peak hours. We are still expecting queues between 17:00 and 21:00 UTC, but they should be less severe than previously.

As for client performance: we have identified an issue with player nametags that we suspect to be the culprit for a significant portion in declining performance and FPS drops over the course of a playing session. We have also devised a fix for it, which will be put into tomorrow’s patch, so you should hopefully see improved client-side performance in time for the start of the GvG season. Note that in the meantime, if you notice that your game client gets gradually slower, restarting the game can provide a temporary fix. We of course continue keeping an eye on the performance post-patch and continue making additional improvements.

Thank you for your patience and continued support,

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