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Posted by Auriden 4 years ago

First of all I'd like to congratulate Sandbox Interactive for their amazing job on this game. It's really hard nowadays to find an old school MMORPG like Albion and moreover, a MMORPG that make things balanced for payers and non-payers of Premium, considering that it's relatively easy to farm your own Premium trough game currency. And it's in the name of this balance that I've decided that Albion deserves my money.

However, there is a huge problem for brazilian players: we don't usually have International Credit Cards because it is not so accessible and the taxes here are abusive. So unfortunally I couldn't find a way to buy my own Premium, considering that I only own a brazilian credit card. Keep in mind that credit cards aren't often used for online transactions here, so most of people will prefer payment trough BOLETO (a document that you can pay in cash on the banks or trough debit card on you bank agency/bank app).

I believe I speak in the behalf of most brazilians when I say that we are lacking of more accessible ways of payment. Boleto would be the best of them, but there are other ones that can be also implemented like national credit card or even allowing payment trough Steam wallet, once that you can buy Steam funds with brazilian currency.

So, in order to make things plain and simple, here are mu suggestions of payment:

1) Boleto Bancário
2) Brazilian Credit Card
3) Steam Wallet

Believe me, if you guys put an effort to make payment options more accessible for us brazilians (and we have a huge community here, believe me), you will earn A LOT of money and me and other ones will be able to show our apreciation for the game by buying premiums. But the current option make things quite expensive - and unnaccesible - for us.

I hope my fellow brazilians condense their wishes to improve the payment options HERE. We need that our suggestions reaches Sandbox Interactive; it will be a good deal for everyone.

Apologies for any eventual bad spelling, english isn't my primary language as you can see.

Thank you for you attention.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hey there and thanks for the information.

We are currently looking into adding additional payment options for players from Brazil as soon as possible.

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