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Posted by Eltharyon 4 years ago (Source)

Hey everyone,

I wanted to update you regarding the state of Albion's server situation, the lag and queue.

Following the plan laid out yesterday, we deployed several changes and improvements to the network infrastructure during today's maintenance. The results look promising, we're not recording a significant amount of packet loss anymore.

With the reduction of packet loss, you should also note a significant reduction in lag and we're able to let in more players. We're now carefully increasing the player limit to avoid further queues, but we will be monitoring performance closely and employ queues again if they become necessary. We already have significantly (35%+) more players playing concurrently than we've had the last couple of days, however!

As player numbers increase, you are more likely to see overload protection features kicking in. Currently, once a city region reaches more than 400 players, other players are hidden from your view. This is not a bug, instead it is a feature that significantly improves network performance and helps us ensure the game world keeps running smoothly. Should city population remain at very high levels in the coming weeks, we will take further measures to improve this feature for your convenience.

With the increasing server population additional issues may arise, but for the moment I am happy to welcome all the new players into the game!

Stay safe on the roads of Albion!


Robin 'Eltharyon' Henkys
Game Director

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