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Posted by sosay 4 years ago

i bought the legendary pack.. it told me ihad to wait 24 hours to use my gold fine idid... in the mean time i borrowed silver from a friend.. when the 24 hours was up it wouldnt let me sell mroe then 500 gold .. an i couldnt even afford to pay my friend back so now i look like a sleeze bag an i cant even enjoy the game wit the money i spent on it .... PLEASE REFUND ME WHATS THE USE OF HAVING GOLD IF U CANT SPEND IT .. im not waiitng another 24 hours jus to buy gear this is crazy ... if you wont let me spend my own money on the game then dont offer me packages for gold when i cant even use it ... ive put in tickets an i get no response .. you guys have no care for the people who supprot your platform .. why do you promote something if you dont even honor it .. no where did it say when i purchased the legendary that i would have stipulations in using my gold .. either remove them from my account OR REFUND ME SO I CAN ENJOY MY HARD EARNED MONEY I WORKED FOR ON A GAME THAT WILL ALLOW ME TO USE IT .. please thankyou

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Just adding a few points to the discussion:

It is possible have the gold market unlocked manually through our customer support. You can submit a request for a manual review.

The reason for the restriction to be in place is combat fraud (i.e. people buying gold etc with stolen credit cards). It's bad that this also affects normal players and we hope that the manual review process addresses this somewhat.

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