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Posted by Evoque 4 years ago

Hey everyone,

Today we performed an emergency maintenance to resolve an exploit that affected our in-game gold market.

We identified the severity of the problem, and fortunately there was no need for a rollback.

Here is what we are currently doing to resolve this problem:

1. The accounts involved in gold creation will be suspended temporarily and investigated by us.

2. Accounts that bought lots of gold cheaply as a result of the gold exploit will not be suspended. However, we'll be treating this one a case by cases basis and go through the transaction logs and reverse these transactions.
If you benefited from the artificially low gold prices, do not sell or use that gold such that the claw back goes smoothly - otherwise, and we will have to suspend the accounts in question. Note that even If the gold is used / sold, we'll still be able to claw it back.

We will update you once the necessary actions have been completed.

Why don't you do a rollback?
We see some of you requesting and discussing the decision on whether or not to do a rollback. We would like to give you an insight into what a roll-back can mean for us. The fact is, as some of you may already be aware, a roll-back itself can potentially take numerous hours, with the severe implication that entire player base would not be able to access the game for this period. Therefore, a roll-back is a course of action that we would only consider given there was no other available avenue being presented. On top of that, a rollback would affect all players, instead of a contained subset.
Knowing how this may affect our community as a whole and those anticipating/ preparing for the F2P launch, we opted for a solution that took both sides into account - real-time action with which we could minimize the damage to our economy with immediate effect, while making the game accessible to everyone as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hi all,

here is some more background information on this to put things into perspective:

The total amount of fake gold created by the exploit as been very small.

It was around 3 days worth of the gold that would be injected by starter pack sales (excluding gold packs) prior to the F2P. The vast vast majority of this has already been frozen by us. The net impact of the exploit will hence equal a few hours equal of gold supply at most.

The number of accounts involved directly in the exploit is also quite small. That includes those accounts who indirectly benefited by buying gold at a low silver price.

This is why we felt that we can handle this quite well without a roll back in the first place. Had there been any sort of significant economic damage, we would have done a roll back.

Now with regards to the price spikes in individual items:
Keep in mind that each pre-existing game pack generated an extra 1.000 gold as part of the F2P-launch rewards. The amount of gold generated by this absolutely dwarfs what has been generated by the gold exploit (and makes it practically insignificant when taking into account that most of it is frozen). Hence, there is a high chance that item spikes are not directly related to the gold exploit.

If, during the investigation, we found that people somehow maliciously thought they could hide ill-gotten currency through items, we will take care of this. Keep in mind that we have quite a lot of experience in dealing with illicit game currency due to having to deal with lots of RMT shortly after release.

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