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Posted by WolfOfOdin 4 years ago

So yeah, been looking forward to Albion going F2P with a 34% discount before to get people to buy the game.

Now my question is.... are they just cheap?... or are they dumb?

You see this 34% discount IS ONLY ON THE WEBSITE! MY GOD WHY! Did they not discount it on steam because steam takes a cut? Or do they think no one would buy it. They are either cheap, or dumb. My faith is shaky at best.

You see, I have steam currency. But I don't quite want to spend $30 on something that will be free soon. HOWEVER! If they gave the discount like they said they would (they just failed to disclose the discount would only be on their website), I would have purchased Albion. But now... you don't have my money. You don't have a potential influx of revenue on steam... because you are either too cheap, or too dumb to apply the discount on the platform.... especially WHEN THERE IS A POST ON THAT PLATFORM SAYING THERE WILL BE A DISCOUNT! -…etail/1823302204795996502

Either way you have the business sense of a 1st grader. I am looking forward to playing, if I like it I can grind to get premium, I don't mind. I just want you to picture me, and a ton of people, who didn't buy the game because you failed to carry out the discount on steam.

Bravo, see you tomorrow fellas. Sorry for the shit post, but I am honestly dumbfounded by the astonishingly poor choices made by the developers of this game.

Posted by Talion 4 years ago (Source)


Steam does not allow for discounts running longer than two weeks at a time - which we did from March 20 till April 4.

After the discount ended, we permanently dropped the prices there to a similar level as it's on our website after a discount, e.g. the game itself is now USD19.95 instead of 29.95 as before. So the only thing missing on Steam is the shiny "-34% off".


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