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Posted by DirtyDirzt 4 years ago

Hello Albion,

yesterday was release new Oberon patch ver. 1.14.379.

I'll like to ask, how works (self-healing sickness effect), me and me friend enjoy new random dungeon's. I play usually wit some tipe of axe and leather armor and he is basically healer.

But the heal is now reduced by 25.9% because sickness effect, it is about how many people is in party, zone, IP or is locked permanent on that % ?

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)


Healing Sickness is triggered if one target is healed by at least two different sources. Life Leeching abilities count also as healing.
So if you are using some Life leeching ability, either by the passive or Bloodlust from the chest and you get healed by your friend, you will receive Healing Sickness.


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