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**NOTE: The values below are subject to change until the launch of Oberon on March 20. As such, this post will remain in the "Feedback Testserver" forum until then, at which point they will be moved to a different forum.**

Fame-Grind Rework and Related Changes
  • Increased Mob fame by 15% (base mob fame)
  • Increased Gathering fame by 50% (all tiers and enchantment level of all types of resources)
  • Changes to mob Fame (PvE) Factors:
    • Blue (Safe) Zone PvE Factor: 1.375 → 1.8
    • Yellow Zone PvE Factor: 1.5 → 2
    • Yellow Zone Lesser Hellgate PvE Factor: 1.375 → 1.8
    • Yellow Zone Greater Hellgate PvE Factor: 2.5 → 3.5
    • Full-loot Hellgate PvE Factor: 3.5 → 5 (both Lesser and Greater)
  • Specialization unlock changes (correspond to Mob and Gathering Fame increases above):
    • Increased Fame Requirements for Fighting Specializations by 15%
    • Increased LP Requirements for Fighting Specializations by 15%
    • Increased Fame Requirements for Gathering Specializations by 50%
    • Increased LP Requirements for Gathering Specializations by 15%
    • Increased Fame Requirement for Combat T1 & T2 combat node by 15%
    • Reduced LP Requirements for Gathering Base by 76.66666%
  • Increased Fame gain for capturing Faction Warfare Outposts by 15% (51000 → 58650)
  • Daily Arena reward has been increased to 2 T4 Tomes of Insight (20,000 total Fame) from 3 T3 Tomes (15,000 total Fame) - reward is still available a maximum of 3x / day, for a total daily Fame of 60,000
  • Crystal Realm: Tomes of Insight increased by roughly 15% (rounded)
  • Silver bags now grant the same Silver in fewer bags, so players don't have to spam numerous bags after a fight
  • Adjusted PvE and gathering modifiers for Adventurer's Challenge Points:
    • PvE: 1.6 → 1.5
    • Gathering: 1.8 → 1.5
  • Gathering Journals had their Fame required to fill up increased by 50%, while Mercenary journals had their rewards reduced by 13%. In conjunction with the overall changes, these adjustments mean that fill times and rewards of journals will remain the same as they were previously.

  • PvE Fame for Hellgates has been increased by approximately 66%:
    • Yellow Zone Hellgates - PvE Fame Factor: 2.5 → 3.5
    • Red / Black Zone Hellgates - PvE Fame Factor: 3 → 5
Hardcore Expeditions
  • To finish a Hardcore Expedition your group now needs to kill about 80% of the enemies encountered, as well as the boss.
  • Together with the release of Randomized Dungeons we re-evaluated the purpose of Hardcore Expeditions in the future. This resulted in the decision to reduce the amount of Silver and loot earned in Hardcore Expeditions by 50%.
  • To address that different expeditions take different amounts of time, the time allowed to finish some expeditions and to get a new map has been increased accordingly.
  • We will closely monitor the times it takes a group to finish an expedition under these circumstances, and will readjust if necessary.

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baibiscuit wrote:

Is fishing inside gathering?
Fishing is not included in the gathering changes.

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