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Oberon is coming! The sixth major post-release content update for Albion Online brings a major new Randomized Dungeon feature, new creatures, drops, chests, and shrines, a completely reworked tutorial, numerous quality-of-life improvements, and much more.

Hidden Entrances, Randomized Dungeons, and Dungeon Maps

With Oberon, Hidden Entrances will spawn randomly throughout the open world. These will not appear on maps, and must be discovered through exploration. Within these entrances are Randomized Dungeons: one-of-a-kind, procedurally generated lairs that offer a new gameplay experience each time, with the potential to contain rare bosses and valuable loot. Players can also use Dungeon Maps, a new item dropped by mobs, to show the locations of nearby dungeons.

New Creatures, Loot Drops, Shrines, and Chests

Oberon brings a host of ferocious new foes, from ethereal wisps and devious Acolytes to the fiendish Keeper Witch. Roaming mobs throughout the open world now drop runes and souls, bringing new economic and crafting possibilities. Chests have been reworked with updated visuals, and are now sealed with a magical shield that can only be broken by killing nearby mobs. And new shrines can be found in Randomized Dungeons, offering brief but powerful whole-party buffs.

Reworked Tutorial, Quicker Gear Unlocks, and Quality-of-Life Improvements

An all-new tutorial gives new players clearer guidance on the game's systems and combat. This will bring them more quickly into higher-level play, benefitting new and veteran players alike. The early-tier grind to unlock weapons, armor, and gathering gear has been reduced, encouraging players to experiment with new builds and playstyles. Oberon also brings long-requested improvements to crafting and transmutation times, plus reduced harvest times for creature resources. Additionally, players can now mute up to 150 others, limits have been placed on excessive whispers to reduce in-game spam, and the toolbars and ingame shop are clearer and easier to navigate.

For a detailed list of everything coming with Oberon, visit the update page

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Kuzeo wrote:

Is there a break down for the quicker gear unlocks ?

Is the amount of fame for t8 being reduced or is T5, 6, 7 getting the level required reduced ?
Combat Fame & Unlocks
  • All Mob Fame has been increased by 15%
  • Destiny Board - Combat Base nodes: Fame Requirements stay unchanged
  • Destiny Board - Combat Specialization nodes: Fame Requirements are increased by 15%.

This means the main nodes get unlocked 15% faster, but the time to unlock the specializations stays unchanged.

Gathering Fame & Unlocks
  • All Mob Fame has been increased by 50%
  • Destiny Board - Gathering Base Levels: Fame Requirements stay unchanged (the base levels are the levels which unlock the tool)
  • Destiny Board - Specialization levels: Fame Requirements are increased by 50%. (these are the levels which make your gathering more efficient)

Gathering Tools & Gear gets unlocked faster. But the time it takes for the gathering specializations stays unchanged.

Cluster PvE Fame Bonus
Along with this change, we are also adjusting the fame bonus per cluster:

PvE Factors in all Zones:
  • Expedition: 1 -> 1
  • Safe Zone: 1.375 → 1.8
  • Yellow Zone: 1.5 → 2
  • Red Zone: 2.75 -> 2.75
  • Black Zone: 3.5 -> 3.5
  • Safe Hell Gate: 1.375 → 1.8
  • Yellow Zone Hell Gate: 2.5 -> 3.5
  • Red / Black Hell Gates: 3 -> 5

This means early clusters are less punishing for new players which are trying to fame up in safe and yellow zones. While still keeping the full loot clusters significantly more attractive by a better loot factor, higher tier mobs and no gear down scaling.

Additionally we are also pushing the fame for hell gates, to make the activity more rewarding and attractive.

Other Adjustments because of this change
Various systems were adjusted to keep the same reward ratio with this new increased fame values.

  • ADC point generation factors for pve and gathering have been changed to keep the same time requirements
  • rewarded fame books from arena, crystal realm are increased by roughly 15%
  • Faction Warfare Outpost fame is also increased by 15%


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