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Posted by Cathair 4 years ago

Hey guys,
I found the following formula for calculating HP bonus of armor:
0.5 * ( pow ( pow ( 1.06, 0.01 ) , itempower ) * 1000 - 1000)

Seems to work for the normal armor, but not for the gathering gear.

Any tips on figuring out the missing variables? ?(

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)

This is the formula for health on Armor:


HitpointsMax_Armor is a value that is on the armor itself.
  • HitpointsMax_Armor for regular fighting gear is 0
  • HitpointsMax_Armor for regular gathering gear is 150 (hence why there hitpoints scale differently)

Other values:
  • BaseHitpoints = 1000 (the hitpoints of your naked character) (This will soon be 1200)
  • hitpointsshare_armor = 0.5
  • HitpointsProgression = 1.06

I hope this helps. :)


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