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Hello all,

With Nimue Patch 7 (currently set to be deployed during the week of 18 February), we will deploy Easy Anti-Cheat as part of the Albion Online client. Here's a brief FAQ about this program and why we've implemented it:

What is Easy Anti-Cheat?

Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) is, as the name says, an anti-cheat program used by a large number of online games (Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rust, etc.), which offers automated prevention of the most egregious forms of in-game cheating.

For a full description of what EAC is and how it works, click here:

Why is EAC being added to the game?

Currently we are using primarily our own detection technology, as well as counting on reports by our players, the latter of which need to of course be verified by our Game Masters. This extra layer of cheat prevention will not only mean that there will be even fewer bots in the game, but also that manipulative software that's hidden better will be detected more easily.

What does this mean for me?

Easy Anti-Cheat will be automatically downloaded and installed along with Nimue Patch 7 on your computer (for PC / Mac / Linux users). No further installation or management of the program is necessary. Beginning with Patch 7, Albion Online will not be playable without Easy Anti-Cheat installed.

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Midgard wrote:

And will it cause any performance issues with Albion?
It shouldn't. And in our extensive internal tests we didn't notice any.


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