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Posted by PrintsKaspian 4 years ago

Hello all,

Carnival season is here! During the month of February, take the Carnival Challenge to collect limited-time rewards. Earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Saddled Terrorbird.

Let the Masquerade Begin!

NEW MOUNT: This month's Challenge introduces the Saddled Terrorbird, a speedy mount that can cover large distances quickly. Hailing from the sandy steppe, this fierce avian has a combination invincibility/speed dash spell that's perfect for evading attackers.
NEW AVATAR BORDER: Reach your goals to unlock the Carnival Challenge avatar border, a decoration that will keep your avatar festive all year round. This non-tradable item permanently unlocks this avatar border for one character.
SEASONAL SPECIALS: All month, reach weekly goals to unlock Carnival Challenge chests. Get valuable rewards like Adventurer's Tomes and Silver bags, along with both new and classic masquerade-themed costume sets.

Log in now and start gathering, fishing, farming, and killing monsters to earn Challenge Points and unlock your rewards!

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)

Apotka wrote:

Hello :)
I would like to share a sentence
For a long time, I’m really looking forward to when an animal as a reward for a test will be cargo, will be able to carry a heavy load!
Dear developers, please come up with a heavy mount, massive and powerful :)

(Sorry, I used google translator)
As a small teaser: I guess our mount for the Adventurer Challenge in March might be something you are looking forward to... ;)


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