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Posted by Equartus 4 years ago

I saw that you @Retroman ,removing existed E on broadsword and replacing it with current Clarent blade spell. It is good that you are trying to improve weapons in general. But in my opinion - E- on broadsword is in a good place for lots of builds with good sustain buff, CD and Damage.

So why dont we add just 1 more "E" spell on broadsword(Mighty blow) , instead of deleting the old one. Please, @Retroman , think about it.

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)

Hey, thanks for the feedback.

I think having some weapons with multiple E choices is not a good direction. Because it is a clear advantage over other weapons.

In general I am right now trying out various changes to the sword line, it is still in an early stage and things might change. I am also really interested in the communities feedback on this possible Mighty Swing change. In general I have not been too happy with Mighty Blow. While they are ok and there has been options to use them effectively, they are rather rare, which I think is unintuitive. Broadsword is the first weapon players get, that's why I would like them to be a good beginner friendly weapon, which is viable later in the game. And I think Mighty Swing provides these features in a better way than Mighty Blow.

Additionally I also think both spells have been pretty close in concept, hence why I would like to remove or rework Mighty Swing.

Of course, I am open for sugestions from the community and in the end I might go with a different solution.


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