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Posted by Asaroth 4 years ago

Just wanna say thanks on trying to balance the game/ freshen the meta up does it make it interesting to keep playing, its extremely difficult to run a game with such a small team and still have time to play it in depth and rely on feedback from others who want this changed or his buddy wants this changed to benefit him. Keep up the good work though even though i thought sbi largely ignores the posts from myself or others and treats it as a debate, you still tend to listen to the community overall, merry christmas mate and thanks for even running albion which im hooked on :) Its not easy to balance a game when you can use so many combinations of spells ^^.

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)

Thanks for the nice words. :D

I understand why the community sometimes gets the impression we are not listingen, because we are not always engaging in many of the the public discussions. But many of us try to keep an eye on forums, reddit, discord etc, in-between our development times, to stay in touch with the needs and opinions of the community. Which admittedly is sometimes a bit more difficult in pretty busy development times. But of course we do care a lot for our player base, for the very least for the selfish reason of wanting the game to succeed, which comes down to satsified and engaged player base.

Anyway, I am glad to gear you are enjoying the game. We, on our part, will keep doing our best to improve the game further in the future.. hopefully for many more years to come. :)

Thank you and merry christmas to you too,

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