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Nimue Patch #3 - Ver. 1.13.369 / REV 132209 - 13 December 2018

The Yuletide season has come to Albion! Presents and decorated trees can now be seen throughout Albion's cities and towns. Beyond that a new building is being constructed next to the Realmgate. Rumors say that it will honor the most powerful guilds in Albion.
Changes and Improvements
  • Adjusted the Realmgate area to make space for an upcoming building
  • Added the option to use Shift + Mousewheel to rotate items during placement
  • Changed building durability progression for player houses and guild halls to their intended values (they are now as tough as other buildings on their respective Tier and can't be easily destroyed)
  • In the buildings settings, if 'Building attackable' is set to false then even the owner cannot attack the building anymore
  • Players cannot attack buildings while being inside the building
  • Disabled furniture placement in main city areas and city exits
  • Territory guards' Warcry spell no longer buffs the target's damage
  • While the Goldmarket, or the Premium store are open, the background darkens for better readability
  • All resource mobs (mobs that can be harvested after being killed) that take longer than one day to re-spawn had their decay time (time until an un-harvested corpse disappears) increased to one day
  • Changed the amount of daily generated Season points for the following castles:
    • Mercia Castle: 1152 -> 648
    • Cumbria Castle: 864 -> 504
    • Anglia Castle: 576 -> 360
  • Combat Balance Changes:
    • Cursed Staffs:
      • Cataclysm (Damnation Staff)
      • Resistance Reduction: 0.14 -> 0.17
      • Damage: 111.97 -> 120.00
    • Holy Staffs:
      • Salvation (Fallen Staff)
      • Cooldown: 25s -> 30s
      • Holy Orb:
      • Heal: 144.79 -> 135.00
    • Dash (all Daggers)
      • Cooldown now scales with Item power
      • Cooldown 100 IP: 18s
      • Cooldown 1700 IP: 10s
      • Energycost: 0 -> 5
    • Swords:
      • Spinning Blades (Dual Swords)
      • Additional Damage against Players: 3% -> 5% of max Health
      • Fearless Strike (Carving Sword)
      • Range: 11m -> 13m
      • Now Shreds armor before dealing damage. (so the damage is amplified by the armor reduction)
      • Max Armor Reduction: 0.20 -> 0.24
    • Heretic Cape:
      • Cooldown 100 IP: 150.8s -> 110s
      • Cooldown 1300 IP: 110s -> 80s
      • Scales with Item Power

  • Fixed an issue where guild member UI would not update correctly when players joined or left
  • Fixed an issue where Crystal GvG registration would be cancelled after maintenance/restart
  • Fixed an issue with flickering text in Arena UI
  • Audio fixes:
    • Adjusted volumes of auto attack sounds for magic weapons
    • Updated ambient sounds in Caerleon Bank and Auction House
    • Fixed missing blue firework audio
    • Adjusted volume ranges for some mounts and the christmas tree ambience sounds
  • Reactivated missing roof in Caerleon Underway
  • Players can now execute while silenced as intended
  • [iOS version] Fixed fog effects
  • Fixed collision issues on several bridges
  • Fixed visual issues on T7/T8 trees
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse over effect in itemdetails UI sometimes stayed open even when item was not in focus anymore
  • Fixed an issue where guilds without an alliance could take over a territory from each other without having to kill the mages and wait for the respawn
  • Fixed a visual issue on environment heights in expeditions
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of crafted items in stores were not properly displayed (e.g. “Fireworks (x5)”)
  • Additional minor graphical, audio, UI, localization, and bug fixes

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