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Hey everyone,
we would like to stress test the new crystal realm feature with as many simultaneous matches as possible. Therefore we invite all of you to participate in some test fights on the staging server.

The test fights start this Sunday, the 11th of November, at 19:00 UTC on the staging server.

We will also spawn free crafting stations and a full destiny board unlock stone in Caerleon 3 hours before the test (at 16:00 UTC) so you can prepare enough sets for the fights. Also you can use this to test out all items & spells in the crystal battles, including the new capes. We will gladly take your feedback on the balance changes and capes as well.

We will have 3 consecutive rounds of crystal realm GvGs:
  • The first fight starts at 19:00 UTC
  • The second fight starts at 19:30 UTC
  • The third fight starts at 20:00 UTC
To join, your guild must own a territory. The crystal realm GvGs then appear in the guild UI like normal GvGs, so make sure you sign up prior to the fight times listed above. AND at the start of the fight you need to be in the corresponding cluster. If you have questions about signing up for a fight, please contact @FuS here on the forum or on the Staging server. He will be moderating the playtest starting at 16:00 UTC until the end.

NOTE: for this test we will start the fights with console commands, so the guild UI will most likely show an incorrect start time. Also note that the second fight will not appear as an option until the first one begins, and the third fight will not appear until the second begins. Territory time zones don’t matter for this playtest and can be disregarded.

If your guild has no territory but still would like to join, please contact FuS. He can provide you with territories if you approach him early enough. We would like to have as many players in this test as possible and we can help shuffle around territory ownership on the staging server.

After the playtest please provide feedback on the Crystal Realm GvGs and the Combat Balance Changes in this thread. Although we won't reply to everyone, we will go through all your feedback.

I am looking forward to massive free-for-all GvG mayhem this Sunday on the Staging server. :)


Disclaimer: The changes are not final yet and we might make some more adjustments before they go live.

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