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Posted by Fusionbomb 4 years ago

I wanted to start this thread which [hopefully] includes more tips/tricks than trolls/flames. (Maybe the [good] information posted here could be placed in a sticky...?)

My idea here is to present information that can be utilized to help players, both old and new. I'm not talking about listing/replying with exploits (ie: opening trade while player flagging up, etc), but instead offering advice that people may not know, but that experienced players may use everyday.

I am often surprised by things that decent players have no clue about. Things such as auto-running with map (ie: pressing NumLock + N to auto-run, while steering with mouse, and looking at map). Hopefully, 99% of the playerbase already knew that... but maybe you can offer something similar that seems obvious... but could help people improve their gaming experience.

A few game settings (top right - gear) I suggest to new players in my guild:
Interface tab (5th tab on left) - UNCHECK Force Combat Mode so you can pick up silver/loot during a fight
Mouse Control tab (4th tab on left) - CHECK Double Click to Attack... and consider RTS-like controls and/or Quickcast in dropdown menus

To "ping" the minimap for your guildies, double click on it.

To "delve" an item in chat, press Enter and then Ctrl + Click item.

Runes, Souls, and Relics can be used to enchant items. (96 for two-handed weps, 32 for helm/armor/boot slots, 26(?) for capes, 48(?) for bags... quality remains the same when enchanting items)

Pulling groups of mobs with a horse can be useful (getting dismounted allows your cooldowns to be up, almost instantly).

If you use T7 pork omelette, try the T5 crab omelette. (Helps with power usage in addition to CD redux)
If you use T8 beef sandwich, try the T6 lurcher sandwich. (Best with 2+ healers in group)
If you use T8 beef stew, try the T6 eel stew. (Best if build uses long cooldowns)

Filling up journals while gathering/crafting can help profits.

Stags can be great for gathering. Swamp Dragons are good, too, and have recently dropped in price.

Only gather resources that are equal to (or below) your tool's tier.

There are a number of GUIDES posted on these forums by some of the playerbase.

I'll add more as I think of them. Feel free to share your tips & tricks! :D

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 4 years ago (Source)

You can get a list of all emotes available to you by typing /emotes in chat.

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