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Posted by Eltharyon 4 years ago (Source)

Hello Fishing & Cooking Experts,

I've recently had some time to review the fishing economy and found that Seaweed prices are very high when compared to regular fish.
The reason for this, I assume, is the Seaweed requirement in Fish Sauce.

It was never the idea to restrict the amount of Fish Sauce being created by the amount of Seaweed available, so here's what I'd like to change:
  • remove the need for Seaweed in the Fish Sauce recipes
  • double the amount of fish chops needed (that seems like it would keep the fish sauce price constant)
  • add an alternative "Seaweed based" recipe for Fish sauce which requires which requires seaweed to provide a Seaweed sink

New Recipe structure would be:

Basic Fish Sauce
30 Fish Chops
15 Fish Chops
15 Seaweed

Fancy Fish Sauce
90 Fish Chops
45 Fish Chops
45 Seaweed

Special Fish Sauce
270 Fish Chops
135 Fish Chops
135 Seaweed

Of course this would massively devalue Seaweed, but this would be fully intentional. Seaweed should be the worst thing you can catch (since you can ALWAYS catch it), and right now its about 15 times more valueable than the most basic fish.

Keeping it in some of the recipes ensures it retains at least a basic value on the market.

Looking forward on your thoughts and feedback on this topic!

- Eltharyon

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