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Posted by Lokkoo 4 years ago

Normally I don't provide much in the way of feedback but I have to say that this new patch is great. If the intent of SBI was to create more open world content they succeeded in spades. As a non-GvGer, I really enjoy the fact that I can help out our guild by mage raiding. However, I''m not too sure I like the idea of nerfing the mage points because some guilds are complaining. If a guild or alliance cannot protect its mages then it has too much territories. Making guilds protect their mages creates way more open world content. I believe that mage raiding and the effects on points will help level the playing field so that the very few dominate GvG team (and alts) can no longer control the map. The proposed changes to the current mage system came from the guilds who own to much and cannot protect what the have. I say keep the new content as is for season and at the end see what improvements need to made. Don't let a few big guilds control Albion! Just my views.

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)

hey, thanks for your feedback and I am glad you are enjoying the game. :)

I don't know if you have already seen it already, but I just posted the currently planned changes to the territories here:
NDA Balance Playtests

There might still be adjustments before this goes live, but this is the direction we want to adjust the current situation.


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