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Posted by cos44 4 years ago


does albion have an attack speed cap?

using the normal bow:
attack speed:
base attack speed: 1
E 6 stacks: 0.15*6
bow attack speed passive: 0.35
bow speed shot: 0.5
3x leather armor with attack speed passives: 0.06*2+0.12 = 0.24
hunter jacket buff: 0.6

should amount to: 3.59 (additive)
but i never get more than 2.4 attack speed [AS], if using more AS buffs when already at 2.4 nothing changes in my character stats (neither AS nor dps).

so did i miscalculate it? heavy diminishing returns? hard cap?

im thankful for answers, cheers

edit: just tested 1h dagger with 100/100 t7 torch, full leather AS passives, hunter jacket, dagger E + AS passive = 2.9 according to character stats
so maybe an issue with the bow skills?

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)

cos44 wrote:


does albion have an attack speed cap?

Yes. Additional Attack Speed you can gain through active buffs is capped at 120% (this only counts for active buffs)
The passive attack speed boosts you get from the equipment are counted seperately.


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