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Posted by Sinatra.SUN 4 years ago

Following suggestion can be done to a small or a large fundamental extent, but nomatter solution it will add flavour to the game and create more world activity.

Core concept:
An item, for example a weapon has its own progression based on what the weapon has experienced. This means that a item becomes better the more fame you have accumulated while wearing it (both pvp and pve fame - finally also giving a way to make pvp fame matter for progression).

My design suggestion will be based on a zero sum game with current game balance (which means i will redo the quality concept), but it can be done in many ways.

When a item is crafted or rerolled there will only be 2 types of weapons. Sentient and non sentient. A sentient item will have the rarity of Excellent quality today.

Sentient item progression:
Getting pve and pvp fame while wearing a sentient item, will funnel fame into the items progression. Ultimately creating very strong weapons, where item destruction and overcharge will keep it in check.

A sentient weapon has 5 levels, and a god tier.

Level 0:
Level 1: 250.000 fame, effect +10 IP
Level 2: 500.000 fame, Effect +20 IP
Level 3: 1 million fame, Effect + 50 IP
Level 4: 2.5 million fame Effect +90 IP
God tier: 5 Million fame +150 ip, Item can be named, giving a god tier item a name creates a global message of namer and item.

What does this create:
First of all it adds flavor and content to the game that incentivises actual playing, but it also have several attractive gameplay related implications, like the 6.2 mp dilemma and for example that a axe player never needs to use a axe, incentivising bringing items out for use. It adds purpose to gaming sessions and a player driven way to create famous items, also making item destruction and overcharge failures really matter and of course it rewards pvp'ers and faction war players with actual rewards from the pvp achievements.

Thanks for reading.


Posted by Eltharyon 4 years ago (Source)

Hi Frank,

thanks for the proposed improvement! This idea is indeed very similar to something we have occasionally discussed in the design team.

I guess the key difference to enchanting items with runes and souls in your suggestion is, that the weapon actually has to be worn to receive this benefit? As long as it is tradeable, however, this still does not mean that the user of the weapon itself ever has to PvE with it. Powerful guilds could buy these levelled sentient weapons for GvG, essentially further increasing the GvG power gap.

Would that be your intention?

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