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Posted by glokz 4 years ago

Hello Dear SBI,

I'd like to summarize content extensions that you've done for the last year.

But first let me describe what is my motivation to spend so much time to write such a wall of text.

I am quite dedicated player who spent around 2 months in-game (at least half of it is afking though). I love the game thus I don't want SBI developers to put more effort and resources into bad expansions, something that they will put again in DEAD state.

I want the community to have a positive discussion where we can have a chance to describe our personal experience, share opinions by giving examples from our own gameplay and suggest developers what we expect. This letter isn't about me - it's about the game, players and fun they should have by playing Albion. In the end, it’s about making the game better and more popular so we don’t struggle with low-activity in game. So hopefully better experience > more fun > more players > more money for SBI > more possibility to expand the game and fix technical issues.

I will start with myself as I feel we never had a chance to summarize game-development decisions, and I have a feeling that my personal expectations are not satisfied. I am happy with everything new, but let's put curiosity on a side and let’s go straight to detailed analysis of their new-content development.

Since this post will be extremally long, I don’t even hope other players will read it. However, I hope SBI employees feel obligated to read it. It is your job to develop the game and satisfy your customers, which I happen to be.


Let me split this letter into couple sections, due to limitation of post-length I will split it into comments:

1. New content list

2. How it evolved / current state

3. My opinion on that content

4. What type of content game needs / my random ideas

5. Summary

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hey @glokz

thanks for the great recap of past updates and your input on new things to be added or changed going forward. This is very valuable for us.

We agree with a lot of what you said, in particular your part about objectives and what constitutes a "fun" activity and what does not.

A lot of the points you highlight - in particular your definition of what constitutes a fun activity - will be taken into account / include in our next patches and most importantly this years remaining major update - name and road map to be announced in the coming weeks.

A tricky challenge for Albion - due to its fully player driven economy/world - is always to design according these criteria while at the same time making sure that it fits the in-game economy and protects the integrity of the game world. That almost automatically implies that when you have multiple ways to achieve a certain game goal (say, getting PvE fame or silver) some of those - depending on the overall state of the game, balance-wise but also based on what the other players do - will be less rewarding than others, and things will go in and out of fashion. Nerfing and buffing through regular patches addresses this (see our history on hell gate buffs and nerfs) but only until the next adjustment is needed. It will always be an ongoing effort.

All the best,

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