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Posted by Erehwon 4 years ago

Hi all,

I've raised a support ticket but for awareness I thought I'd also create a post.

When trying to cancel my Albion subscription, it does not complete the request. You press the cancel subscription and then the cancel button in the new window and it does not cancel.

The subscription remains in place.

Tested in the following browsers:

Firefox ESR 52.9.0
IE 11

Posted by Talion 4 years ago (Source)

Hey @Erehwon,

just tested it. For me it works just fine. It opens the overlay where it asks me to confirm, I click the confirm button and it does cancel. Did you, uh, by any chance press "Cancel" instead of confirm?
If not: which browser are you using? Is there any chance an Addon could interfere with your clicking things?


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