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Posted by Bogul 3 years ago

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Fellow citizens of the mysterious world of Albion Online,

With this thread I want to set in motion a project to revitalize the efforts to update and maintain a proper wiki for our favourite game: Albion Online.

I see a big opportunity to create something that is not just a wiki to look up basic information or descriptions of what things do, but potentially a great resource of information and history for the ever evolving world of Albion.

With this thread, which will be a work in progress that will be updated and frequently edited along the way I hope to merge all discussion and suggestions regarding the Albion Wiki in one place. Check back regularly or subscribe to this thread by clicking the little red bookmark icon on the top right of the post to get notifications about the progress of this project. If you respond to this thread you will usually also be auto-subscribed.

Current Status Update:
  • The project to update the wiki successfully kicked off in July and we are still hard at work plugging a few basic content holes and missing articles.
  • We are doing a weekly topic to focus on certain content areas of the wiki. Check out the links on the top of this post to the most current discussion week.
  • The wiki will soon have no ads, a new domain and maybe other fancy stuff that goes beyond a normal media wiki (details tba). update: see this link
  • We still need everyone to chime in and help editing and contributing to the wiki. Start by reading the next post below or checking out a random page.
  • I will have some good news to share soon, specfically about some cool giveaways from SBI among everyone who contributes to the wiki over the next coming weeks. (details tba)
Any questions or sugestions? Please reply to this thread!

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

Bogul wrote:

I like the left side, but maybe call the slots just what they are? (Q-Slot, W-Slot, E-Slot) or something like this?
Because IIRC there is no official name or terminology description for these slots (?) @Retroman
Q-Slot, W-Slot and E-Slot is what we are using internally too. :)


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