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Posted by PrintsKaspian 4 years ago

Unless otherwise noted, all issues listed here should be fixed with the first post-update patch. UPDATE: Patch 1 will now go live on Wednesday, 8 August.
  • Currently, the new 40-item split for crafting (listed as "Crafting Progress" in the "Changes" section) is not active, and crafting large quantities of items remains unchanged. This feature will go live with the first Merlyn patch following the update.
  • Tooltips for the following abilities may appear in English for non-English languages:
    • Focused Run
    • Mark of Sacrifice
    • Life Steal Aura
    • Strong Kick (Keeper Giant ability)
    • Forceful Swing
    • Protection of the Fiends
  • Lootbag color display indicating ownership is incorrect Mostly fixed 1 August
  • Moving into or out of an unrestricted PvP area will interrupt movement if you keep holding your right mouse button, and you will need to click again
  • The volume and frequency of mount idle / gallop sounds in cities is higher than intended
  • There are no protection bubbles after dying in an Expedition Fixed 1 August
  • Added 1 August: The Thetford faction boss' Meteor spell damages Thetford-flagged players as well. This will be addressed in Patch 1.
  • Added 1 August: Leather refinement uses Forestheart (Lymhurst faction resource) instead of the intended Beastheart (Bridgewatch faction resource).
  • Added 1 August: Some spells are not displaying when inspecting other players' equipment
  • Added 2 August: When opening item details from the Market UI or inspecting players, only the base item is shown (no quality or specialization bonuses).
  • Added 3 August: Since the update, mob abilities targeting a specific player are not being canceled by invisibility if the casting / animation has already started. This will be most likely be addressed with Patch 2 during the week of August 13.

Posted by Retroman 4 years ago (Source)

Frankasti wrote:

Vile Curse
  • Number of Ticks: 4 -> 5

This change was not implemented but still appears on the patch notes. I know it was tested on NDA balance playtests but it never made it to the test, nor the live server.
Should we expect to get it soon or it was a copy/paste error?
Hey Frankasti, the Vlie Curse change is in the game. I assume you misunderstood the change. With this change every Vile Curse lasts longer. Instead of 4 ticks, it now has 5 ticks. Extending the DoT duration for 2s.


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