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Posted by Huntana 3 years ago

You made HCE exprience miserably bad. Also thanks for making all highend 8.3 gear have no market again.

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

Nvs1980 wrote:

Has anyone even confirmed that the fame amount in HCEs was actually nerfed?

Despite my ardent support of HCEs, I don't actually do them.

There has been no nerf to fame gained in Hardcore Expeditions.
There has been a buff to red/black zone fame gained only.

Grimhawke-EB wrote:

Stravanov wrote:

No.Pre-merlyn, dungeons were in use 70% of the time. You're simply wrong.
If fully utilized = 100% of dungeons being used, then 70% is underutilized....
From my personal experience, I've dived tons of dungeons in Cumbria/Mercia that were often empty, aka underutilized.

100% utilization would mean that a mob is killed the moment it spawns at all times of the day.

This means a dungeon at a rate of 70% has with a high probability 100% utilization at prime time.

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