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Posted by XKent 3 years ago

WTF is that ?

So before that I craft 1 t8 item and can use LP for a low level craft. How am I supposed to do it now ?

You can get like 20% of fame for spec of an artifact weapon if you craft a 8.2 artifact. Now I need to craft 40 to get it to move ?

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

That's a no. You can still craft in batches smaller than 40 including a singular item.

What this change does is that you don't lose fame when crafting a big batch of items.
Those big batches are now split-up by the system in smaller batches of 40 and reward fame at each of these steps.

But be careful. This might still be an issue if you decide to craft high value items.
For example crafting 40+ .3 relics you might still top the max amount of fame that can be earned in one event.

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